The Dukla Pass - Ziemia Jarosławska - Svidník - Serwis turystyczny

Dukla Pass

Dukla Pass


The road from Svidník to the Dukla Pass goes through villages in a historic region: Ladomirová, Hunkovce, Krajná Poľana, Nižný Komárnik, and Vyšný Komárnik. At the crossroads before the "Valley of Death” stands an exhibit called “the Ram”. It was placed there to remind visitors of one of the bloodiest tank combats of the Second World War fought in Czechoslovakia. Before the village of Hunkovce, there is a cemetery in which over 500 German soldiers were interred.

The enemy's defense HQ during the fighting was located in the hills Prokopec and Obšár over Krajna Poľana.

Vyšný Komárnik was the first village near the Dukla Pass to be liberated, which took place on 6 October 1944.


 MG 8793m

 MG 8788m

 MG 8760m

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